"Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!"

Looking and feeling your best doesn't have to be complicated - no strict diets or exercise plans here! I can provide you with the right system, support and accountability you need to succeed! Don't wait any longer to discover how it feels to live your best life!


Meet Your Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, Anne Thibodeau

20181002-_ORT3519-115_R@72Anne Thibodeau is a Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology and a Masters degree in Human Nutrition.

Anne works with her clients to help them transform their habits surrounding health, addressing their individual needs in several areas of life such as nutrition, stress management, fitness and work/life balance. She provides personalized programs, as well as the support and accountability required to help her clients overcome obstacles that have them feeling “stuck” and unable to reach their desired goals in terms of health and lifestyle.

Faced with the difficulty of losing weight and finding balance in her life after having children, Anne regained her health, motivation and passion for life through the techniques outlined in her programs. After releasing 75 pounds as a result of her efforts, she feels better and happier than she ever has before. She lives in Ottawa, Ontario with her wonderful husband and their 2 boys. She loves spending time in the kitchen creating healthy meals for her family, gardening, camping and giving back to her community.

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If you are ready to finally make a change in your life, Anne can help. Fill out an application today!

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